Sociology of Youth Cultures

Sociology of Youth Cultures

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 15

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 4

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Mencin Marjeta, doc. dr. Smrdelj Rok

Young in the context of sociological models
- Cultural patterns of growing up – social historical images and history of youth
- Young in the vise of relationship among generations
- Discourses in studying the young
- Young in the vise of the system of total institutions
- Cultural – sociological needs (ideological and other contexts)
- Oyung in the risk sociaty: Reactions of the young and risk points
- Geneerational and lifestyle (cult) groups

2. Young in the context of psychological models
- Construction of reality and relationship towards it
- Identity, identity patterns, theory of identification
- Regulation and abuse of pleasure
- Narrower psychological needs
- Values, moral development
- Young and tasks of developmental period (system view)

3. Cultural patterns of everyday life of the young
- Lifestyles
- Leasure time
- Cultural patterns of consummation among the young
- Existing cultural patterns of fun and recreation for the young
- Social participation of the young

4. The altenative to education: learning for life (skills and experiences that the young use for life)
- Catalogue of general knowledge and social skills
- Concept of learning for life
- Characteristics of planning life and professional career
- Process of formal education and dilemmas of motivation (for learning and work)

5. About psychopathology of phaenomena of culture of life of the young
- Predominant neuroses
- Suicide
- Abuse
- Youth criminality
- Less stimulative home environment
- Addiction
- Marginalization of the young