Kinship and Social Structure

Kinship and Social Structure

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ECTS credit: 3

Lecturer(s): prof. dr. Muršič Rajko

Definition of social structure and organizational principles of societies based on kinship ties (hunter-gatherer; incendiary agricultural; extensive and intensive agricultural; pastoral; industrial; post-industrial). Types of kinship nomination. Graphic signs and genealogic graphs. Concepts of descent. Systems of descent and descent groups: lineage, moieties, segments, clans, fratries, tribes. Unilineal descent (matrilineal, patrilineal); patriarchy and matriarchy. Dual descent. Bilateral descent groups: ramages and stocks. Kindred. Marriage and family. Marriage bonds. Acts of marriage: endogamy, exogamy. Bridewealth, dowry and indirect dowry. Divorce. Post-marriage living. Avunkulat. Alliance theory. Family and its definitions comparatively and in Europe. Systematics of households. Family in Slovenia. Demographic research. Kinship and space, economy, way of life. Significance of kinship structures and relationships.