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Vabilo na predavanje dr. Giustine Selvelli


 vljudno vabljeni na gostujoče predavanje dr. Giustine Selvelli, ki se bo odvilo 5.12.2023, s pričetkom ob 8.00, v predavalnici 18.  

Dr. Giustina Selvelli na Univerzi v Ljubljani gostuje kot podoktorska raziskovalka v okviru programa EUTOPIA, ukvarja pa se z večjezičnostjo, sociolingvistiko globalizacije, etnično raznolikostjo v JV. Evropi.  

 Predavanje bo potekalo v angleškem jeziku. 


Man-made environmental disasters and ethnolinguistic minorities in the vast Eurasian region: a troubled history  

 Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, human intervention in the natural heritage for the purpose of economic development has repeatedly had catastrophic consequences for the fate of local ecosystems and has often had an impact on the cultural diversity of the areas affected.  

In many cases, it was particularly vulnerable minority groups that paid the highest toll, since their survival as ethnolinguistic communities was seriously challenged, leading to situations of forced relocation, urbanization and assimilation.  

In this lecture, I will focus on issues related to ‘ecocultural heritage’ taking place on the so-called margins of Europe, where environmental histories were problematic both during communism and during the transition to capitalism, and still have a direct impact on post-communist societies.   

In particular, I will approach these topics from the perspective of ethnolinguistic minority groups whose voice seems to be largely excluded from the debate on environmental change, showing that the modernization and nationalization imperatives of modern states have prevailed over the need to preserve ethnic, cultural as well as biological diversity. 




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